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Top 5 Reasons to Automate Appointment Scheduling

You might think outlook, or google calendar or a pad and paper are “good enough” for appointment scheduling, but is good enough really good enough? Business owners already spend more in driving in new customers, and staff to schedule those customers than in any other segment, and the use of manual scheduling systems only adds on the dollars. It’s like a lot of things in business—too often our actions are defined by momentum, not by conscious choices. We have a lot of processes that seem to work fine, but the truth is, they don’t, and they cost us more than we think.

Five reasons why.

  1. Your customers have come to expect easy scheduling. They book airlines this way, movie tickets, hotels… and often appointments. Your customers want to schedule an appointment on their time… and they want it to be fast, beautiful and reliable.
  2. The back and forth email and phone calls to schedule an appointment is a costly time waster. The average appointment takes 5-6 emails, or 3 tries playing phone tag, or 6 Text messages. With online scheduling, your customers can schedule with ZERO resistance.
  3. Once an appointment is created, now both parties must hand enter it into their personal calendars. This takes time away from the primary objective… growing revenue.
  4. Many service companies waste a great deal of time confirming appointments the day before or the day of. We automate confirmations with SMS Text Reminders and email reminders sent 1-72 hours before the appointment (depending on your preference)
  5. Sales people and small businesses can drive new appointments by adding links to their email, website, social media accounts and more. Most of our customers add links to the newsletters as the call to action. Book Now!

For a small fee, your business can add online scheduling in a snap. Our staff will help you perfect a solo account (maybe you are a sales person or run a small business) or for an enterprise solution to automate scheduling for locations around the globe. We can help!

Bookafy starts at $10 per person for Solo accounts, and $5 per person for enterprise accounts.


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Bookafy is a leading provider of automated online scheduling for calls, meetings and appointments. Bookafy works with solo entrepeneurs to large teams of sales people and service companies. Bookafy automates scheduling in a way that saves money, frees up time and grows revenue. Whats not to love?