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Thank you for choosing to Partner with Bookafy and our Whitelabel Booking Solution

To get started, lets book a call to go over all of the particulars.

growth-whitelabel-online-appointment-booking-software-2 Whitelabel Online Appointment Scheduling - Next Steps

2. Next, we have an initial set up fee of $600. This is a one-time set up fee to re-brand our entire platform with your company's branding.

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IP-SET-UP-2-1024x396 Whitelabel Online Appointment Scheduling - Next Steps

3.Point your URL to our Server.

A. Go to your URL manager (godaddy, etc) and click to manage the DNS records. B. Click to Add a new A Record
C. Add the * in the first field, then copy paste this IP address into the 2nd field.: This creates a wildcard for the subdomain.
D. Once this is done, you can check to see if your account is working by adding into the browser.

Email us a confirmation that the IP has been added.

Bookafy-Logo-with-Icon Whitelabel Online Appointment Scheduling - Next Steps
bookafy-icon-512-o2srkc197piann4gr6ba20gnd7jt0vicb23r1i1fou Whitelabel Online Appointment Scheduling - Next Steps

5. Email us your LOGO with Icon.
You can send a Logo with an Icon. Or Two separate files.

6. Setting up transactional Emails

A. Our emails are all sent through mandrill... for account set up, new appointments, cancels, reschedules, etc.
B. You will receive an email at the email account you included in the form above: info or
C. Once you receive that email. forward it to so that we can verify your email address to begin sending emails.
D. Once we have the above set up, we will reach out to you with instructions on adding Text records to your DNS manager (similar to A record step above)You will add 1 SPF verification and one DKIM.

Once you have completed the steps above, our team will get started on the set up of your branded version of Bookafy. The entire process from set up to functioning whitelabel is typically 24 hours.

Thank you again for partnering with Bookafy!