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White Label Online Appointment Scheduling

Partner with Bookafy to offer your customers an amazing appointment scheduling solution with your own branding.

Remove all Bookafy branding

We remove Bookafy branding from application, emails, powered by and everything else you could think of.

Add your own brand/logo

the entire platform will be branded with your logo, icon and brand name.

All transactional emails come from your URL

We set up your email to send the confirmation, signups, reminders, etc.

Powered by <You>

When your customers use the scheduling tool, their customers will see your brand and can link back to your marketing site.

We can charge your customers, then pay you automatically.

All payments can be made through our automated recurring billing system. 1x per month we will bill your clients, then we will pay you a the revenue share agreed upon.

Or, you charge your customers and we invoice you

Optionally, we can license our software to you on a per license fee. We will give you a set fee per license, and you can build it into your pricing, charge more or less... you decide.

Charge more, or not.

We give you the option to charge the same as we are charging, or more. It's not unusual for our partners to charge $15-$20 per user, which would give you a much bigger revenue opportunity.

Build our software into your product offering

Example. You sell websites for $50 per month... You want to add appointment scheduling to the offering... You offer a second service for a website + Scheduling for $75 per month. In this case, you charge your customer $75, and we charge you for the user license. Easy-peasy!

Iframe our Dashboard

With the White Label solution, you can iframe our customer dashboard right into your page.

Create accounts via API

To run our software there is a need for data, ofcourse... most of which you may already have if they are a current customer of yours. Info like Business Name, Emails, Staff, Hours, Phone numbers, etc.

With our API you can use the data from your software to populate our fields to prevent the need for double entry. No sense in asking your customer for their business name in your app, then again in our app. Right?

Partner Dashboard

As a White Label partner, we give you a dashboard to show you all of your customers... Free, Trial, Pro and Enterprise. From here you can login to their accounts (support), downgrade their account to free and more.

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