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The 2:8 Association Appointment Booking Integration

Integrating appointment booking into your church management software is one of the best things you can do for your ministry. Congregants can book appointments with pastors, counselor, and staff... and then track the congregant journey from the initial appointment to long term progress and church membership.

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Online Appointment Scheduling Software

What is The 2:8 Association Appointment Booking Integration Management?

Church Management Software, built to track and engage church congregants from an initial church visitor all of the way through the life cycle of the church member relationship. Church management software can track attendance, tithing, childrens activities, volunteer schedules, prayer groups, member needs and more.

Appointment Booking with Bookafy
Bookafy is a market leader in the online appointment booking space. Our robust feature set, powerful integrations, beautiful UI and first class customer service has won us many awards on various review sites including Capterra, GetApp and SoftwareAdvice.

More About The 2:8 Association Appointment Booking Integration

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Integrating The 2:8 Association Appointment Booking Integration with Bookafy

Integrating your Church management software with Bookafy's online appointment booking application will work wonders for how you attract and engage your visitors and members with a simple was for a visitor/member to book an appointment based on their immediate needs.

Without appointment booking software, visitors/members have to navigate who to talk to, how to reach them and when they are available to meet. With Bookafy, this can all be automated.

Bookafy can be embed into websites/apps/email with an Iframe, Button or link to a booking page as a call to action. Your pastors can include buttons in their email to "Schedule a Coffee with me" or "Book a Meeting"... Or you can use Bookafy to schedule marriage counseling, pastoral care, membership meetings or even group events.

With Bookafy's skill based routing appointments will be booked with the right staff or pastor in real time.

Once appointments are booked, Bookafy will automatically send confirmation emails, sync to your staffs calendar, send SMS Text reminders, and more.

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How a Church Management Software Integration Works

1. Add our online appointment scheduling widget to your website, app and email signatures. 

2. Add analytics code on Bookafy to track actions. 

3. Sync all actions with your CMS, either creating a new congregant in your CMS, or by adding a new event to an existing congregant. 

4. Track your congregants from visitor to member, with attribution to appointments, activities, volunteering and tithing. 

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