Our team at Bookafy is driven by the results that we help our customers achieve. Our passion lies in the success of our customer’s businesses around the world.

Here are some of their stories, and please share yours at stories@bookafy.com

Case Study – Todd at Men’s Spa in Denver, CO 

Todd Styber – EveryMan Grooming


“Bookafy’s automated appointment confirmation emails and reminders have all but eliminated customer no-shows.” With Bookafy, Todd can focus on what he does best: providing premium services to his clients. He is hardly ever scheduling and rescheduling customers, instead he is spending his time with customers which is where the customer experience is won and the repeat and referral business grows. Todd grew his clientele by 115% in the first six months using Bookafy allowing him to rent a larger space and grow his revenues by hiring an additional groomer.

Case Study – Tyson – Professional Photographer Chicago, IL

Tyson Bentfield – TB Photography in Chicago, IL

“Bookafy gives me freedom and lowers my stress by about a million %. Bookafy is a life saver… I spend so much less time trying to arrange my calendar, booking appointments, sending reminders, etc. Love it to the moon and back!”

Tyson Bentfield’s studio has clients ranging from models doing head shots, to business executives, athletes and families… and in whom have busy hectic lifestyles and desire ease of scheduling. Almost 99% of Tyson’s clients now book appointments online and Bookafy saves him at least 1-2 hours per day.

Case Study – Stephen – Counselor in Pleasanton, CA

Stephen Maroon Career Counseling in Pleasanton, CA

“A more than 25% increase in new clients since implementing Bookafy.”

Stephen Maroon is a career counselor company in Pleasanton, CA. His clients love being able to book their appointments online, and they love the reminder, confirmations, etc. But the new business that they have received has really paid off! “I am a small business, it is just me. No admin. No assistant. So if new customers find me online or from a referral, they need to be able to schedule an appointment. But, I am usually in a counseling session 1×1 for 60-90 minutes, often booked all day long. My experience was that call would come in all day, mostly to book appointments… and i would then return calls at the end of the day. Typically i am playing phone tag 2-3 times before i get them on the calendar. It is crazy and frustrating. Now, when customers call… my Vmail says “if you would like to schedule an appointment, you can do so right on my website… And it works! Less vmail. Less phone calls. Less frustration. And most importantly, more customers, more revenue, etc. I had thought about hiring someone to answer my phones and manage my calendar. Instead, I spent $40 per month for Bookafy. That beats the 3,000+ it would cost to have a full time assistant!”

Case Study – Jennifer at Hotel Spa in Belize


Located within a beachfront resort in the Belize, this spa has their hands full with resort guests and international visitors. Most of the hotel’s guest book the hotel online via expedia, travelocity, etc. The spa needed a way to easily schedule services from customers that are accustomed to buying and scheduling online. As well they wanted to keep in touch with past customers to send promotions and to stay in touch.



Bookafy’s online booking tools were implemented in less than 24 hours. They signed up for our FREE trial and were able to get their Bookafy schedule finished in hours, and a link on their website the next day. Within 24 hours of signing up, they were taking appointments online and customers were delighted!



By offering online booking through their website, their revenue has grown over 40% in the past 6 months. “We are in a business where customers need to A. Find us, and B. make a decision to book an appointment in minutes. Customers dont want to play phone tag, they dont want to exchange emails to coordinate schedules, they just want to simply book an appointment. Shouldn’t be that hard, and it isn’t with Bookafy” While guests may initially visit the page to book an appointment, many return to share their spa experiences after their visit. Using the Bookafy’s reporting tools; Jennifer can also track the spa’s success.”I can now see the revenue by day, by week, by month and year to date, etc. I can also track revenue by staff member, see who is doing well and who needs improvement. I love that i have online scheduling for customers, scheduling for staff, payment processing and revenue reporting all in one simple tool. My life has changed and I love love love Bookafy!”

Case Study – Sarah at Eco-Clean in Seattle, WA


As Sarah’s carpet cleaning business was growing, there was an inherit challenge in managing the rising number of new clients and appointments, taking care of existing customers all while being busy managing jobs and employees. With her phones ringing off the hook, calls were being missed, and she faced the added financial burden of hiring more employees to answer incoming calls just to ensure she wasn’t missing possible customers. “I am positive that we missed calls and missed a lot of business because of it!” The challenge of solving this problem… going from one admin staff to two admin, is complicated. Who talked to which customer, buying another computer, more management, another place to sit, more staff schedules to manage, etc. Sarah thought, “If I can book at hotel, or a hair appointment online… my customers should be able to book their carpet cleaning services online too.” Sarah called her hair stylist, and asked her about the software they were using. This is how she found Bookafy!


Instead of hiring another employee, Sarah turned to Bookafy’s software, to offer online booking and give her the mobility she needed to manage incoming appointments. Booker offers Sarah the flexibility to run her business without spending all day in an office. She says, “I love Bookafy! All of my customers can simply log into my website and see exactly when we are available. We don’t have to exchange calls/vmails, emails, etc. If they want to book an appointment, our customers can use the same online calendar that my staff uses internally. Its genius!”

In addition to real-time online booking, Sarah’s staff can process credit card payments right through their phone. Before, they used Square in the field, and another service in the office… now all customers can pay cash, check or card right through the app, and reporting and analyzing their data is so much simpler. Bookafy’s marketing tools allow Sarah to drive new and repeat business by promoting specials and services on Facebook and Twitter. These tools also enable Sarah to communicate with clients before and after cleanings using automated appointment confirmation and follow-up emails.


“Since implementing online booking my business has changed so much. Our admin now spends so much less time doing mundane tasks of booking appointments, but more importantly we are booking 100% more appointments with the same staff. As opposed to hiring 1 more person which would’ve costs us thousands up front and thousands monthly… instead… we use Bookafy and spend $40 per month. Customers love us, my stress is way down… I couldn’t be happier!”