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Become an Affiliate.
Earn a mint.

Become a Bookafy affiliate and earn commissions... forever! If you were to spend 30 minutes a day talking to friends, recommending our product online, and marketing with your affiliate link... Imagine what your income would look like in 12 months!
Build a machine, and then retire. Sounds awesome right?

Sign up and get an affiliate link

One you sign up for our program, we will give you a referral link that you can use in all of your promotions.

Share your link... anywhere!

Share you link on your own page, on forums, on groups... don't spam... but feel free to share on any channel.

Refer businesses in your community

Cleaners, Hair Stylist, Sales People, Trainers, Coaches, Teachers... the list goes on and on!

Refer current or past employers

Banks, Insurance, Real Estate Brokerages, Universities, Schools, Software Companies, Counseling, Wellness, Government, Franchises and many more!

Larger accounts can have 100s or 1,000s of users... and we pay the same % regardless of the size. Bring on a big bank, and you may earn $10,000 a month from one account.

We track EVERYTHING, and You can too!

Once you sign up, you will have access to your own dashboard inside your portal, you will be able to track clicks from your link, trial sign ups and paid users.
You can track what you have earned that day, month or year...

Automatic Payouts

Inside of your portal, you will see what fees are coming your way. And the good news is, you dont have to do ANYTHING. We track it, report it, pay it.... automatically. Once you send the customer to us, we will track them forever and you will always get a commission.

Residual + Compounding

What starts out small, can grow into something huge!

If you spent a few minutes each day sharing Bookafy... you could easily grow it into a raging cash cow.

And new customers get added to existing customers to create a growing perpetual income stream.


How many customer would you need to sign up to retire? Our average customer pays $60.00 per month, if you need $10,000 to retire, you would only need 666 customers to sign up with Bookafy. 666 in the whole world. You could do it in a week, a month, a year... once you get there you will have perpetual income for the life of the customer. Brilliant, right?

Are you ready? Let's do this!

Do you want more than our affiliate program?

Partner with Bookafy to offer your customers your own branded solution...