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Learn how Bookafy helps Personal Trainers just like you!

Bookafy empowers Running Coaches, Personal Trainers and Wellness Professionals with online scheduling for One-on-One training appointments, group sessions and classes.


  • Online Scheduling
  • Class and Group Scheduling 
  • Payments
  • Reminders
  • Reviews
  • 2-way Sync to Google/Outlook
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Much more!

No Contract. No credit card required. 

Simple Online Scheduling

Use Bookafy to give your clients a simple way to schedule One-on-One Training sessions, Group Training and Classes. No more phone tag! No more emailing back and forth to find the perfect time. Allow your customers to point and click… and impress the heck out of them!

Group Training and Classes

Class Scheduling and Group Training sessions have never been so easy. Choose the trainer, set number of attendees, pick a date and time… and the rest is automated. You are going to love it!

Parent Teacher Conferences Booked Online
Built in Marketing

Use our marketing integration to send the perfect marketing messages to your customers automatically. Create customize campaigns to get reviews on Yelp, or to get customers back that haven’t been there in a while. Unlimited messages and custom campaigns!

Growing fitness businesses use Bookafy to help organize schedules, automate confirmations and reminders… and make it simple for their clients to schedule appointments and classes with your business.

In a Nut Shell:

•  Gain hours each week from endless emails and phone tag to schedule an appointment
•  Allow your customers/clients to schedule training sessions online 24/7
•  Sync to Mail Chimp and Quickbooks, no more double entry
•  Set up recurring appointments in a few clicks


For most personal trainers, the last thing they want to be doing is having their head in a calendar, or spending their time playing phone tag and doing the back and forth to schedule appointments.

As the owner of Bookafy, I’ll share one little story…

My son has a running coach, and weekly I would start to connect with him to schedule a session.
me: how does Monday at 4pm work?
PT: I cant do 4, can you do 3?
me: no, kids get out of school at 3:45, so 4 is the soonest.
PT: how about Tuesday at 4?
me: we have soccer on tuesdays.
me: Wednesday at 4?
PT: Wed I am booked, what about Monday at 5?
and on and on and on…
It would sometimes take 15-20 text messages to figure out his availability. It was nuts…
On top of the scheduling aspect, the day of the appointment he would send me a message to remind me of the appointment. And sometimes a call too.
And the next week we did it all again.
When we set up this trainer on Bookafy, his world changed… and frankly mine did too.
In an instant, I could pop onto his website, book an appointment and I was done. 2 hours before the appointment I received the automated SMS Text confirmation.
I know it sounds simple, but this honestly changed his business and his life. He saves so much time scheduling, that he can focus all of his energy on growing his client base and with his family.
He told me he is saving about 10 hours per week with the scheduling, and his appointments are up over 50%.
As well, we helped him get set up with Mail Chimp, now all of his customers are automatically syncing to Mail Chimp where he can simply send a monthly email to his entire database. No more double entry. No more reconciling lists. Bookafy does it all for him!
For trainers, Bookafy helps automate all of the mundane tasks associated with scheduling so they can do what they really love… working with clients!

Get stated with a 14 day trial. Our staff is available to help with your set up or no extra cost.