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At Parker Eco Pest Control we focus on methods with the least effect on people, pets and the environment which often means using no chemicals at all. This approach is typically referred to as Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. We start with simple and effective interventions and escalate to stronger products only when necessary. While using organic products 100% of the time is ideal it’s often not possible with the products on the market today.

Parker Eco Pest Control delivers a pest management solution that utilizes nature’s best remedies such as; scents for repelling pests, physical traps (as opposed to chemical), exclusion methods like filling holes and installing screens, teaching you how to change your habits that attract pests, and much more.

Written by Wesley Parker of Parker Eco Pest Control


Bookafy helped grow our Pest Control business here in the Puget Sound area We sere homes and businesses from Seattle to Everett including the Eastside markets of Bellevue, Issaquah and others. 

Here’s a quick summary of our current success:
– Since using Bookafy we have grown and hired two new team members
– 67% of our conversions are via online booking (mobile calls, emails, and online bookings. This does not include old fashioned phone calls that can’t be tracked)
– 33% of users who begin the booking process end up booking a revenue generating appointment
– Bookafy pays for itself many times over. Here is some simple math to help evaluate our investment. 
     o 5 users * $84 = $420 per year, or $35 per month

     o 101 appointments booked per month (on average) through Bookafy 

     o Average value of $121, 

     o Over $12K per month generated


– We get compliments all the time on how easy it is to use
– We got up and running on Bookafy in about 4 days. The hardest part was training our staff on the new procedure. Everything else has been pretty seamless.


"I love that I can make money booking appointments while I sleep!"

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