Integrate Icloud and Ical with Bookafy

About Icloud and Ical

Ical and Icloud are the primary calendar programs delivered on Apple products. If you are using an Iphone or Apple computer, chances are you are using the Icloud/Ical application for your primary calendar. 

icloud Icloud, Ical and Bookafy 2-way Sync

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How does Icloud 2-way sync work with Bookafy?

When you connect your Bookafy account to Icloud your calendar will sync to/from Icloud to Bookafy. Both accounts will be current with all of your appointments.  

When an appointment is made in Bookafy, it will do the following:

  1. The new appointment will be added to Bookafy and to Icloud. All details of the new appointment will be added to Icloud, and the automation of Confirmation, reminders, payments, etc… will all be done inside of Bookafy. 
  2. When a new appointment is created in Icloud, that appointment will be sent to Bookafy and will block the time from being booked by a new customer. This prevents double booking. 
  3. Clients will not see your Icloud appointments, instead they will only see available appointment slots. 
  4. If you have a 12pm meeting, instead of seeing options of 11, 12, 1, they would only see the 11 and 1pm slot available. 
  5. All of your data remains private, Bookafy only captures the heading and duration. 

The GoToMeeting and Bookafy connection allow you to give your customers a great video conferencing solution and allow you to streamline and automate your sales activity from initial prospect to video call.

Configure your sync in minutes to begin leveraging the best of both platforms.

The benefits of 2-way syncing Bookafy & Icloud/Ical

>      Continued use of your primary calendar (Icloud/Ical) on your phone and computer. 

>      Sync all appointments/meetings/events from Icloud to block time in Bookafy

>      Sync all appointments booked on Bookafy to Icloud. Manage your Bookafy appointments inside of Icloud. 

>      Allow your customers to book appointments online, with a beautiful booking experience… while keeping your Icloud calendar private. 

>      Avoid double bookings by syncing appointments to Bookafy, blocking the time. 

>      Continue to use Icloud as your primary calendar, while Bookafy comes alongside to offer a client-facing user interface.  

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