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Learn how home service companies use Bookafy.

Home service companies use Bookafy to schedule service calls and appointments… and to impress their clients with their efficiency and technology prowess!

Schedule Service Calls

Use Bookafy to give your clients a simple way to schedule a service call with your company. No more phone tag! No more emailing back and forth to find the perfect time. Allow your customers to point and click… and impress the heck out of them!



Manage Staff

Whether you are a one person operation, or have a big crew to manage… Bookafy allows to to customize your individual staff schedules and and manage the calendars all in one simple place!

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Schedule Appointments

Choose which services you offer at what time. You can set your calendar for the west side on Thursdays, the east side on Wednesdays from 8-11am… Full customization.

Growing service companies use Bookafy to help organize schedules, automate confirmations and reminders… and make it simple for their clients to schedule an appointment with your business on their time.

In a Nut Shell:

•  Gain hours each week from endless emails and phone tag to schedule an appointment
•  Allow your customers/clients to schedule service calls online 24/7
•  Drag and drop appointments from staff members to staff members
• Set up recurring appointments in a few clicks


As Sarah’s carpet cleaning business was growing, there was an inherit challenge in managing the rising number of new clients and appointments, taking care of existing customers all while being busy managing jobs and employees. With her phones ringing off the hook, calls were being missed, and she faced the added financial burden of hiring more employees to answer incoming calls just to ensure she wasn’t missing possible customers. “I am positive that we missed calls and missed a lot of business because of it!”

The challenge of solving this problem… going from one admin staff to two admin, is complicated. Who talked to which customer, buying another computer, more management, another place to sit, more staff schedules to manage, etc. Sarah thought, “If I can book at hotel, or a hair appointment online… my customers should be able to book their carpet cleaning services online too.” Sarah called her hair stylist, and asked her about the software they were using. This is how she found Bookafy!


Instead of hiring another employee, Sarah turned to Bookafy’s software, to offer online booking and give her the mobility she needed to manage incoming appointments. Booker offers Sarah the flexibility to run her business without spending all day in an office. She says, “I love Bookafy! All of my customers can simply log into my website and see exactly when we are available. We don’t have to exchange calls/vmails, emails, etc. If they want to book an appointment, our customers can use the same online calendar that my staff uses internally. Its genius!”

Bookafy’s marketing tools allow Sarah to drive new and repeat business by promoting specials and services on Facebook and Twitter. These tools also enable Sarah to communicate with clients before and after cleanings using automated appointment confirmation and follow-up emails.


“Since implementing online booking my business has changed so much. Our admin now spends so much less time doing mundane tasks of booking appointments, but more importantly we are booking 200% more appointments with the same staff. As opposed to hiring 1 more person which would’ve costs us thousands up front and thousands monthly… instead… we use Bookafy and spend $40 per month. Customers love us, my stress is way down… I couldn’t be happier!”

Get stated with a 30 day trial. Our staff is available to set up your organization at no extra cost.