Freelancers and Creatives

Learn how Freelancers and “Creatives” use Bookafy! 

Designers, Photographers and many other freelancers are using Bookafy to streamline their appointment scheduling and client bookings.

Intro Calls

Before a potential customer will hire you, most likely they want to have a call to discuss their project. Allow these prospects to book simply with Bookafy.

One Person or a Team

If you run a team or office with several staff members, use Bookafy to organize take appointments and centralize scheduling for the whole team.

Parent Teacher Conferences Booked Online
Client Appointments

Whether you want to book meetings with clients to discuss a project, or you want to schedule an actual paid appointment (photo shoot, etc) Bookafy is here to make that process as seamless and efficient as possible for your  and your customer.

Yes, making our business more efficient is great… but ultimately we are hear to serve customers and making their experience better is in large part the real goal.

In a Nut Shell:

•  Prospects can schedule intro calls based on your availability. You can customize the service setting so that you only take Intro Calls at 4pm on Wednesday, or 7pm on Thursday. Its simple.
•  Use Bookafy to schedule actual paid meetings. Yes, phone calls are important… but there is nothing better than a client booking you on the spot for your services.
•  Customize when your appointments can be booked and which type of appointment each staff member can take.

Bookafy can help simplify the scheduling for freelancers and creatives of all types.

Freelancers have a few different types of needs that we address.

First, new customers want to schedule a time to speak with you. Yes, you can put your phone number on the website… but if you dont want to stop what you are doing when the phone rings… just allow your customers to schedule an intro call for 15-30 minutes right from your site.

Second, freelancers often need to be booked for actual paying jobs. Perhaps a photo shoot, a wedding, a consultancy role, etc. Whatever the case may be, you can use Bookafy to schedule meetings, appointments and calls.

Lastly, if you have an office with more than one person taking appointments, Bookafy makes it simple to move appointments around from staff to staff, and to organize and simplify the scheduling process.

Finally, one thing we know freelancers and creatives will love… Bookafy can be fully customized your your brand. You can choose the colors of text, backgrounds and buttons as well as iframe the calendar into your existing site or use our subdomain (as an example)

Get stated with a 30 day trial. Our staff is available to set up your team at no extra cost.