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Congratulations, it’s a great time start automating your appointment scheduling. Whether you are booking one-on-one appointments, classes, group events or multi-staff appointments, we can help!  Let’s get started.

Where do I...

  1. Add Users
  2. Design my booking page
  3. Sync Calendars
  4. Text Reminder Settings
  5. Email Messages
  6. One-on-One Appointment Types
  7. Multi-Staff Appointments
  8. Group Events and Classes
  9. One-Off Appointments
  10. Time Zones
  11. Analytics and Pixels
  12. When can customers book?
  13. Reviews
  14. Integrations
  15. Languages
  16. Multiple Language (advanced)
  17. Time & Date Formatting
  18. Payments
  19. Email Signature Setup
  20. Open API

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