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Bookafy Wins 2016 Scheduling Software Award From FinanceOnline

Here at Bookafy we are proud of the effort we put into the development of our product. We have developed this scheduling software for sales professionals, service companies, and enterprise clients. Recently we got one more reason to be proud of our work as Bookafy won the 2016 Expert Choice Award from FinanceOnline, one of the popular business software comparisons and reviews platforms.

On our review page the team who distinguished us with the award talk about their positive experience with our product, especially it helps sales teams and entrepreneurs to streamline their appointment scheduling and save time and money.

Bookafy was also distinguished with the Great User Experience award for best online scheduling software services listed in FinanceOnline review base. Our development team is really grateful that the countless hours we put into marking our tool intuitive to use and pleasant to work with were appreciated. The reviewers were particularly impressed with Bookafy’s custom branding which allows our customers to add a scheduling app to their web page with their own brand name.

The award won by Bookafy will really be a big motivation to our team to continue offering our users with the highest quality features and support and to constantly improve our product.