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End your video call frustrations… Your time is way too valuable to waste fiddling with video call shenanigans. That’s why we’ve created 24sessions. It’s broswer based video-chat with a bunch of extras like feedback after each meeting. Organize online meetings or allow people to book you via your personal form. Then have a video-chat with them in a branded meeting room, no installations required and get reviews after each meeting

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How does 24Sessions work with Bookafy?

When you connect your Bookafy account to 24Sessions your contacts will sync to/from 24Sessions to Bookafy. Both accounts will be current with all of your contacts.  


When an appointment is made in Bookafy, it will do the following:

  1. If the appointment is created with a new customer, the customer will be added to 24Sessions  and a new event will be added to that customers activity profile.
  2. If the appointment is made with an existing customer, the appointment will be added as an event in the 24Sessions customer profile.
  3. In either case, Bookafy will automatically include a Unique URL for the video session with each new appointment that is made
  4. Bookafy will include the link for the video session in the calendar attachment, the calendar sync and all emails. 
  5. The customer and staff will have the links available for a quick login with no extra steps. 

The 24Sessions and Bookafy connection allow you to give your customers a great video conferencing solution and allow you to streamline and automate your sales activity from initial prospect to video call.

Configure your sync in minutes to begin leveraging the best of both platforms.

The benefits of integrating Bookafy & PipelineDeals 24 Sessions

>      First in Class Scheduling with First in Class video conferencing

>      Customers won’t need to download anything. Plays on any browser

>      Reduce double entry of data

>      Automate sales process

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